Beware of dangerous hand sanitizer!

Updated: Apr 20

With the global shortage of hand sanitizer, more and more people are making their own, and more and more companies are starting to produce hand sanitizer as well. If you've been on Amazon lately, you may notice the questionable looking brands of hand sanitizer, brands that don't list ingredients, and brands that use low-quality ingredients. While some of these brands may be safe, others may not.

The CDC recommends hand sanitizer to have an alcohol content of 60%+ for sanitizers using ethyl alcohol, and 70%+ for sanitizers using isopropyl alcohol. If a product does not specify ingredients, or if it does not specify which type of alcohol is used, it may be cause for concern. Ideally, quality products will have the alcohol type and percentage listed on the label so that consumers know the product is going to be effective.

Using hand sanitizer that is improperly formulated can be dangerous. Improper levels of alcohol can leave consumers thinking they are protected from germs, when in fact they may not be. There is also a risk of low-quality or caustic ingredients being used that may be dangerous for your skin.



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